12 things we can do for our planet.

The struggle to preserve our planet will take decades. That’s why self-motivation is very important. What are our inner sources to which we can connect? In which areas can we change our consciousness and our daily actions? The biggest impact on our ecologic lifestyle is a vegan / vegetarian nutrition, terran travel/ no use of air travel and no use of cars. Here are some more ideas that you can implement immediately and without much effort.


Our earth is a living being that speaks to us in many ways. Go into nature. Seek silence. Walks and hikes are good in any weather, even when it’s stormy, snowy or rainy. Come into contact with nature using all your senses. Enjoy nighttime as well.

Art and culture

Keep in contact with the literary, artistic and spiritual sources that connect you with nature.


Talk about climate change in your social environment. Cultivate fellowship with like-minded people. Above all, speak to people who have a different value system than you have. We cannot think in the traditional categories of good and evil. We have to remain open to other perspectives.


Meat consumption is one of the most important factor of the destruction of our forests and to emissions of green house gases worldwide. Eat it more sparingly or maintain a vegetarian or vegan diet.


The most climate-friendly and healthiest way of movement is which is possible with our own muscle power. Walk, jump, skate and swim. Refrain from car drives and use public transportation instead. Avoid flights. If you think that they are realy necessary, balance it.


Get involved in your street, district or village. Support local initiatives or start one yourself. Households consciously with the living resources wich are available to you, be thankful. Try to reduce your household energy consumption. If possible, do not use fossil fuels but alternative / regenerative energy sources. Switch to a provider of green electricity.


Change to an ethical bank. Avoid investing in companies belonging to the fossil energy industry or any other socially or environmentally damaging sector.


Maintain a job in which you don’t cause any ecological damage but can strengthen the ideology of a post growth society. Try to promote ecologic and climate-friendly measures in your job surroundings.


Try to buy less new products. Buy sustainably produced and long-lasting products that come from a regional production. Use repair opportunities, build on your own. Consume less energy. Think about relinquishment as enriching your life.


Try to keep your waste production low and separate your garbage. Buy products without packaging or in reusable packaging. Buy glass instead of plastic. Join the Zero Waste movement if you like.


Awareness-raising, a holistic view, civil disobedience and creative protest are important to initiate social debates and to put pressure on politicians. This is the only way to initiate cultural change. Protest against your inner two-tier categories of good and bad, me and you, hot and cold. Protest against yourself.


Search for a joint action basis in political parties, communities and initiatives. Promote widespread alliances. If you think that your ideas can’t be realized in existing initiatives or parties, found your own initiative.