Our philosophy

Civil Integrity is an initiative of civil society. The aim of the initiative is to develop campaigns on environmental protection topics. Our aim is to counter the environmental and social problems of the present day.

Social problems and ecological disasters of all kinds have always existed in history. Nevertheless, one must come to the view that currently many social and ecological conflicts are becoming more acute globally. We therefore believe that civic engagement today must go a step further in the sense of civil disobedience than was previously the case.

We also believe that there must be a major civil society movement today for global environmental issues. It is important to stand up for the ecological issues with a long breath, because they affect the direct livelihoods of all people. In our view, this also means putting more pressure on politics in its growth ideology and putting a neoliberal industry in its place. Furthermore, we refuse to delegate the responsibility for the global ecological problems only to the consumers; politics and economics also bear responsibility with their decisions.

Nature has no lobby, it can not defend against poisoning and exploitation. In 2018, for example, it is still important to emerge from the personal comfort zone, to develop ecological awareness, to work with stoic composure on the important issues of time and to take political influence, thus making a small contribution to a livable future for us and future generations.