Our philosophy

Civil Integrity is an initiative in the field of visual arts. The aim of the initiative is to develop campaigns around the topic of environmental protection. Our aim is to counter the escalating environmental and social problems of the present in an appropriate way.

Problems and ecological disasters of all kinds have always existed in human history. Nevertheless, one can come to the view that many social and ecological conflicts are becoming increasingly acute. We are therefore of the opinion that civic engagement today must go a step further in the sense of civil disobedience than was previously the case.

Basically, we believe there must be a big civic movement today for the global environmental problems, and we have to be responsible for the environmental issues, because they affect the direct livelihood of all people. Nature has no lobby; it can not defend itself against the pollution and exploitation of humans. In 2018, it is still a simple fact, that we must get out of our personal comfort zone, to develop ecological awareness and to take political influence in order to make a small contribution to a future worth living for us and future generations.