Review: Demonstration against plastic in Berlin

Bunter Schriftzug "Bye Bye Plastik"

Thank you very much for your great support!

Demo gegen Plastik Berlin Demonstartion gegen Plastik Berlin Mitte 2018 Masterplan Plastik Demonstartion gegen Plastik Berlin

Our first demonstration took place on 15 September 2018 in Berlin. The next event is expected to take place in September 2019. We would be very happy about your support in planning and implementing the next demonstration against plastic!

In the category Demonstration stuff you can already be inspired for banners and posters or print them out and use them freely. Our demands on politics can be viewed here.

Demonstration against plastic
Plastic or colloquial plastic is omnipresent in its various compositions and manifestations, in its effects for nature and man perfidious and altogether very difficult to stop.

Plastic is also strongly suspected of being harmful to humans, animals and nature in general in ways that are not foreseeable until now. Residues of plastic are found in mineral water, sea salt, the stomachs of many marine animals and finally in the bloodstream of us humans.

We believe that those responsible in politics and business should not be left alone with an ecological problem area that is so far-reaching for future generations. For this reason, we do not just want to encourage and support those responsible for politics, but if necessary, we also want to step on our feet to vigorously and timely devote ourselves to this topic.

Plastic often causes ambivalent feelings in us, because we all grew up with plastic. Our children’s toys were often made of plastic. Plastic represents our comfortable lifestyle. We all love plastic, but we also understand more and more that we have to learn to handle it differently than before.

In the BYE BYE PLASTIC demonstrations, we address this issue and with our actions we want to encourage civil society to personally address this issue and join our very concrete and timely demands on politics. We think that you have to transform plastic in the current form sustainable and partially ban synonymous.

However, we also think that plastic is a great way to get noticed in demonstrations as an ecological and social problem: perhaps you should simply make this resource in all its forms much more visible and take it to the streets of big cities instead of laboriously collecting it at leisure. After all, plastic is available everywhere, last for almost an eternity, flies well and is beautifully colorful. Too bad to disappear in the many dark tons, landfills, incinerators, repositories or marine gullies of this world!