Our team

We all have professional and family goals and, like many people in our fast-paced world, have little time to engage in environmental or social initiatives.

But it can not be the case that ecological problems are getting worse and worse globally, while we feel we have less and less time to take care of them. Therefore, all of us are united by the will not to surrender to the misguided developments of our time, but to make our modest contribution to a somewhat better future.

Our initiative is currently based on the commitment of various supporters from a wide range of professional fields, who contribute their various partial competences to our initiative.

Phillip Maiwald studied Free Art, is a picture book author and works in the field of autism. He worked with Marcus GrĂ¼ndel to develop the content concept of Civil Integrity, designed the visual appearance of the first Bye Bye Plastik campaign and supervised the areas of press and social media.

Marcus GrĂ¼ndel works as a freelance photographer.
He documents our work visually, supports the Bye Bye Plastic campaign technically and organisationally in Berlin.