Our philosophy

Civil Integrity is an initiative of the civil society. The goal of the initiative is to reflect on tried strategies of protests and to develop campaigns for topics of environmental protection.

There have always been social problems and ecological catastrophes of every shape and size in the history of humanity. However, one must reach the conclusion that many social and ecological conflicts are worsening worldwide. We thus believe that civil campaigning today must also go one step further regarding civil disobedience than previously.

We believe that there has to exist a large civil movement for the global ecological problems. A movement that questions its protest strategies and is ready to not see itself as the integer counterpart of current crises but sees itself as a part of the problem.

It is necessary to stand up for the ecological questions with perseverance as these affect the direct livelihoods of all people.

It is necessary to apply more pressure on politics in its ideology of growth, putting a neoliberal industry in its place and to work on the available counterplans.

Nature doesn’t have a lobby; she can’t protect herself against poisoning and exploitation. For this reason, it is still necessary in 2021 to leave one’s personal comfort zone, develop ecological awareness and to work on the important questions of time with a stoic calmness and influence politics in order to make a small contribution to a livable future for us and the generations to come.