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Crush Candy

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Lesezeit: ca. 2 Minuten What exactly makes adult people play Candy Crush on every corner of the republic in times of climate change and species extinction? Why the hell is such a thing even allowed!? How are we supposed to save the world with such an infantilized society? I have said it over and over again: we don’t have […]

Who is Till Eulenspiegel?

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Lesezeit: ca. 2 Minuten Vanity is the preserving principle in the higher human being, in the lower the destroying principle. Christian Friedrich Hebbel       In Tennessee Williams I once read that vanity is a question of honor. Indeed, the question of vanity is an interesting one, because we humans almost all and constantly have to deal with […]

Why it makes a difference to take a short shower

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Lesezeit: ca. 3 Minuten Separating garbage does not help. The garbage I separate here ends up in Africa or China anyway, or is burned stupidly. So the problem is merely shifted; a kind of indulgence trade, so that we can feel better. Taking a short shower doesn’t help either, because showering is not the problem when we look at […]